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I have known Kevin Otto for over 12 years. During this period, I have had the privilege of working with him on various committees at Saving Grace Lutheran Church. Kevin displayed a forward-thinking view during this work. He later became the president of our church and again was willing to consider others' opinions and viewpoints. While problem solving, he was openminded, always considering what was best for Saving Grace Lutheran Church, and not just, what was easiest. Kevin and his family are dedicated to the community. Led by his daughters and supported by the church, they provide a free Thanksgiving meal for the surrounding community. This is an enormous time commitment. He has shown himself to be a compassionate and thoughtful man. His concern for the well-being of all is evident in the way he goes about his day-to-day life and in his desire to be the Sheriff for Eau Claire County.

— Paula Harms

Endorsement for Kevin Otto for Sheriff


I am honored to endorse Kevin Otto for Eau Claire County Sheriff. I have known Kevin and his family for 15 plus years. I am fortunate to have served with Kevin on Saving Grace Lutheran Church Executive Council where Kevin held the office of Congregation President. The patience and skill he demonstrated during his two terms caused our church to thrive and put us in a position to be able to start a capital campaign that would line us up to purchase land and get the building project of our new facility underway. It is no small task to work with the multitude of personalities in a congregation the size of Saving Grace. His ability to handle personnel, volunteers, boards & special committees with a fair and open mind earned him the respect and trust of the congregation.

I believe that Kevin’s extensive knowledge & experience as a Police officer, Correctional officer, & Eau Claire County Jail Sergeant will benefit the community at large, as well as the law enforcement professionals knowing Kevin supports and understands what is asked of those serving our community and the sacrifices they make. Kevin would respect and be very conscientious of how funds were spent, he understands what it takes to balance a budget, and make sure needs are met first and foremost. Kevin is a leader, who serves with compassion, integrity, and enthusiasm to make things better for all, not for a few, or for one party or another. My endorsement is unique in that I am an Independent Republican leaning conservative, I believe wholeheartedly that Kevin Otto while he had to declare a party does not see that as the priority of running for this office or the job of sheriff. His priority is the people of the Eau Claire County community. He supports the law & Constitution as written and will support the citizens of Eau Claire County with equality and fairness. Kevin Otto is the best choice for Eau Claire County Sheriff.

~ Michelle Volz

— Michelle Volz

Kevin Otto for Sheriff
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