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Fiscal Responsibility

It is the duty of the Eau Claire County Sheriff to implement and execute a fiscally responsible budget, while continuing to provide full and high-quality services to citizens and taxpayers of Eau Claire County. 

No to Jail expansion

I am against the proposed Eau Claire County Jail expansion proposal. There is not enough money in the budget to finish the project, nor is there enough staff to operate the proposed 4th pod, given the current hiring challenges the department faces.

Expanding the Jail will not resolve the causes of people coming to the County Jail in the first place. As your next county sheriff, I believe that resources should be put towards solving the root causes of incarceration, while balancing the enforcement of other crimes.

Community Engagement

As the next Eau Claire County Sheriff, I will implement a plan that will connect the public with education and outreach.  This will provide interaction with the Sheriff's Office and the greater community.  The public will have a better understanding of what, how, and why we do what we do.  It will also be a tool of recruitment to engage the citizens into a promising career for Eau Claire County.

Although I firmly believe that our Citizens Academy is a good tool to communicate the Sheriff's Offices objectives to the community, given current and future department staffing shortages, more creative and far-reaching methods must be implemented to solve these issues. 

Employee Recruitment and Retention

The Sheriff's office must implement active recruitment mechanisms for potential employees. I support protective status for all employees and believe the department must work with the county to provide better wages and benefits for all employees. 

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

In the times we are living in, it is important to have a County Sheriff that embraces the growing diversity of Eau Claire County. It is also important that with growing diversity, that every person regardless of race, economic status, sexual orientation or personal history, be treated with the utmost respect and dignity.  

Kevin Otto for Sheriff
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